Transformative Breathwork                                               

For emotional wellbeing and personal growth

with Vanessa Dietzel



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  1. I have now completed two sessions with Vanessa. Without trying to sound cliché I feel transformed. Surprisingly, I healed a part of myself that I never realised was broken. I feel free.        Lisa Graham, Sydney

  1. When I met Vanessa, I was greeted by warmth. I could see content and happiness in her eyes and on her face - this is what I had been looking for, but didn't know how to find. I had spoken to counsellors and psychologists in the past, but have not received an outcome that has fixed my immediate concerns. Through talking with Vanessa and under going Breathwork, I have been able to see my life in a clearer light. I have more flow in my life, less hassle and stress and I don’t find myself in a depressed state, thinking my life is so hard anymore. My finances are improving, as are my relationships with my family and closer friends. This is something that has meant so much to me.        David A., Entrepreneur, Sydney

  1. I met Vanessa just when I really needed to clear the triggers from birth and early childhood that have been impacting how I react to present day events, as opposed to maturely responding to situations that arise. After the sessions, I felt very different. Empowered and freed. In five sessions, I cleared enough to experience the huge peace of mind that amazingly we all have inside us.  There was the release of past beliefs and emotions that I had not known were buried inside me running my behaviour unknown to me. Especially rage, anger, fear and grief. The blend of techniques seemed to really "get at" these hidden emotions, which once integrated have left me feeling as if there is a natural possibility to open up to be what I have spent a lot of my life chasing - to be in stillness (peace of mind).  I have also started noticing how these internal shifts are manifesting in my external interactions: I am actually dealing with things without drama, responding more calmly and I seem to be attracting more support from people without even having to ask for it. As a grandmother from a different generation, I can really appreciate Vanessa's skills and genuine interest in her client.  She is firm about getting the results and it communicates itself.  The sessions are transformative!        Cha Hayward, London, UK

  1. Dear Vanessa
    I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for our session last week. It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced! What you do is truly amazing - you are amazing! - taking people to the darkest point in their life, explaining it to them and taking them back out of it. Crazy. I had always thought that I had myself all figured out as I am so analytical - but this goes a level deeper than that and just blew me away. I have felt so free since the session and it's like my neurotic mind has nothing to cling on to.
    Thank you so much,

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